Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My August Gifted Gorgeousness Update

It's time for another Gifted Gorgeousness update.  "Gifted Gorgeousness" projects are projects that were made to be given as a gift -or- in some way or part received as a gift. 

This month I stitched a Lab Puppy ornament for my sister and attached it to a card for her birthday.  I used a free pattern that I found here: http://www.jessica-tromp.nl/crossstitch/.  I stitched the puppy on 14 count plastic canvas, added a satin ribbon loop, and backed it with felt. 

This was a pretty good month for stitching progress.  I had a nice finish: Quaker 2 - (freebie) by Claire aka: Gazette94
I love to stitch Quaker style charts!

I also made a lot of progress on my Cow Sampler:
This should be a finish before too long.

To change things up a bit, I pulled out one of my printed embroidery projects, "Rose Lap Quilt".  This was a project gifted to me by a non-stitchy friend.  A project photo, 4 printed fabric panels, and a few skeins of floss were included.  There are no stitching guidelines - so I am winging it.

I had finished assembling the panels and stitching the center motif the last time I worked on it.  This time I started embroidering one of the rose motifs (there are 8).  I mixed in some of my color variegated floss that actually matched the colors of the included floss and used lazy daisy, split stitch, straight stitch and stem stitch so far.

 Here is the project photo that came with the panels:
Whew!  This one is going to take a long time to finish!

That's all I have this month for Gifted Gorgeousness projects.  I am working my way through my WIPs and should have some new progress on old WIPs for my next post.

Happy Stitching and Happy Gifting!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

my July WIPocalypse Update + a small finish

"Beehive Sampler" by Sandy Orton
It's time for another WIPocalypse update!   These are projects that I have been working on and hope to finish before the world ends.  I had some good stitching time this month (for  a change), and I worked on several of my WIPs.

"Beehive Sampler" by Sandy Orton (shown above).  I am moving along a bit on this project.  I finished stitching the left hand side pansy border, filled in a few spots in the center (still some back stitching to do there), and started work on the oranges and blossoms around the top beehive.  Plenty more to stitch and some fun specialty stitches coming up.  I can't wait!

"Halloween Pumpkin" from the Just CrossStitch 2012 Halloween Issue.  Well, the pumpkin is finished! and I did some work on the bat border and the witches hat.  I still have a way to go as I have barely started stitching the cat.

Here is where I left off last time:
Quaker 2 - (freebie) by Claire aka: Gazette94

I started this project back in 2015 as part of Debbie's Crazy January Challenge & hadn't touched it since.  I am using random bits of floss leftover from other projects in shades of pinks and greens.  I am making good progress & going to try to finish this one before the end of summer.

Here is my small finish of the month.  It is "Precious Puppy" from the book "100 Cross-Stitch Christmas Ornaments" by Carol Siegel.  I plan to finish this into an ornament.
Question of the Month – What are your oldest and your newest WIPs?

I have several projects started in the 90's, which ended up in storage after a move.  They sat in storage for about 15-20 years before I located them and pulled them out.  

I think my oldest WIP is "Her Majesty's Carousel" a Dimensions kit 16" x 18" with a gold lazy daisy stitched border and gold beading.  I am actually very close to finishing this ... I just never seem to pick it up.  I haven't touched it in at least 5 years.  (shame! shame! shame!)

My newest WIP is "Victorian Charm" by Dimensions.  I started this project last week!  (shame! shame! shame!)  lol!  My sweetie and I both came down with the flu last week and each picked an item off our Amazon wishlists as a treat to look forward to.  "Victorian Charm" had been on my wishlist for a few years ... and so I have a new WIP.

I think I've about covered my stitching for the month.  I can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

My July Gifted Gorgeousness Update

Summer Sampler
It's time for another Gifted Gorgeousness update.  "Gifted Gorgeousness" projects are projects that were made to be given as a gift -or- in some way or part received as a gift. 

This month I pulled out a couple of projects that I haven't stitched on in awhile.  I added a seashell, a grasshopper and a butterfly to my "Summer Sampler" (shown above). I was gifted the 4 seasons kits one year at Christmastime.  I love the samplers, but am making slow progress on them. The seashell I finished on the top left took me over 2 hours - so this sampler will be a marathon project.

To Everything a Season
I also stitched on my "To Everything A Season" sampler.  I finished the Bargello stitching in the zig-zag band, the four-sided back stitching below the T U V W, and I put some stitches into the flowers on the top right. 

I accomplished quite a bit of work on my Cow Sampler!  Here is where I left off last time:

 I'm hoping to count this one as a finish before the end of the year.  

That's all the progress I have made on my "gifted projects".  
Much better than last month, 
I can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

my June WIPocalypse Update

Multi-Coloured Alphabet by Gail Lawther
It's time for another WIPocalypse update (and past due for a Gifted Gorgeousness update)!  These are projects I hope to finish before the end of the world, as well as projects gifted to me & that I am stitching as gifts for others.

I have had a bit more stitching time the past couple of weeks, so I pulled out some of my neglected projects to stitch on.  Shown above is "Multi-Coloured Alphabet" by Gail Lawther, on which I made some pretty good progress.  I am following the shape of the pattern, but I am just using floss in variegated colors - placing them where they seem to fit.

Here is where I left off last time:
I also stitched on "Carousel Tiger" designed by Angela Pullen.  The hind legs and tail are taking shape.  This was a kit gifted to me by my sister (along with the matching "Carousel Zebra" and "Carousel Lion", both of which I have finished).  This kit had issues with floss and blending filament shortages - so it sat neglected for quite awhile.

Here is how the project looked when I last posted:

I did continue on a bit with my Dutch Sampler as well.  I stitched more on the windmill and finished the medallion next to it (lower right area).

I also stitched a bit more on my "Cow Sampler" ... but I will save that one for next time when I have more progress completed.

The topic of the month:  Show us your stitching space!  Where do you sit, and what is going on around you while you stitch (TV, audiobooks, etc)?

Honestly, I don't have a special stitching space.  I am often sitting at the computer in the kitchen stitching while I earn swagbucks (to use to buy more stitching supplies, lol), or I stitch in the front room while watching tv, or in the back room before I go to bed.  Wherever I can find some good light and a little bit of time.

That's all for this update.  I can't wait to see what everyone has been working on!  I don't comment very often, but I do make the rounds to get inspiration from all of you fellow stitchers.

Happy stitching!
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