Monday, January 08, 2018

2018 WIPocalypse Goals

Dutch Sampler - Sandy Orton
I am once again participating in the WIPocalypse stitch-a-long.  These are all of the projects that I have started and hope to finish before the world ends. 

My current WIP list has a total of 44 WIPs (several of which date back to the 90's).  I currently have 10 projects by Sandy Orton in progress.   Her samplers appeal to me on many levels.  I love the busy designs, the specialty stitches, and the variety of projects.

I would like to have some finishes this year ... I see so many great designs I would love to stitch, but am holding back until my WIP list is smaller. 

Goal 1: Finish "Dutch Sampler" (shown above).
Goal 2: Make significant progress on each of my samplers. 
Goal 3: Work at least a little bit on each of my 44 projects.

Here are some of the goal photos from samplers I am stitching:

American Sampler - Sandy Orton
To Everything A Season - Samdy Orton
Spanish Sampler - Sandy Orton
The Four Seasons (Four Samplers) by Sandy Orton
I have participated in several stitch-a-longs over the years including the Halloween Ornament and Christmas Ornament SALs, Gifted Gorgeousness, and of course the WIPocalypse SAL.  I plan to keep participating as much as my schedule allows.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else is stitching & hope for a productive new year.
Happy Stitching!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

my December WIPocalypse Update and Year End ReCap

Time for the final WIPocalypse update of the year!


Another busy month for me and not a lot of stitching time ... however I did make a bit of progress:

I did some stitching on "Creative Cats" (shown above), which was gifted to me years ago.  This is a small project stitched with various embroidery stitches (Satin Stitch, Stem Stitch, Straight Stitch, Back Stitch, Lazy Daisies, and French Knots) using cotton floss and wool yarn on a printed background.  It is pretty cute and should be a finish before too long.

I stitched a grand total of 2 letters on "Halloween Collage" by Sharon Pope. "HA!"
Here is where I hope to go:
I also stitched a bit on my Carousel project, which is a pretty printed embroidery/crewel project with both cotton floss and wool yarns that was gifted to me some time ago.
And... I finished another ornament from my felt Advent Calendar, as well as working on my felt tree skirt - completing some sequins/beading and detailing.


Well ... I did pretty well with my goal of working on ALL of my WIPs this year.   I began the year with 47 WIPs.  I worked on 45 out of 47.  I finished 4 of those WIPs, and only added 1 new WIP to the list.  I also started and finished 5 additional small projects - for a total of 9 finishes. (shown here: 2017 Finishes)

The 2 projects that were left untouched this year were the needlepoint kits.  I found my stretcher strips, but I have no idea where my box of thumbtacks went.  I would rather spend my free time stitching on projects that I have ready now - then to keep searching for elusive items ... so as soon as I run across the missing tacks, I will pick the up those projects and make up for lost time.

As always, I hope for more stitching time next year, and I hope to have more finishes.  But in reality - I am happy with any stitching time I have and any progress I make.

Have a Safe & Happy & Stitchy New Year!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

my December Gifted Gorgeousness Update

It's time for another "Gifted Gorgeousness" update.  These are projects that were made to be given as a gift -or- in some way or part received as a gift. 

This was a lean month for stitching time ... I stayed busy with holiday orders and am just starting to slow down a bit.  I look forward to the next couple of weeks, when I will have more free time.

Above is shown my progress on the Candy Nutcracker Stocking by Barbara Baatz Hillman (pattern book gifted to me and finished piece will be a gift).  At least I have finished an entire peppermint stick!

Here is where I am going:
I also stitched on "Yankee Doodle Dandy" by Linda Gillum (pattern book gifted to me).

You can almost tell that it is going to be a carousel horse.  And here is where that one is headed:

I put a few stitches into "Gathering Honey" (floss purchased with a gift card).

And a few more stitched into "An Angels Touch", which is a printed/stitched piece (kit was gifted to me).

I have 7 more projects to work on this month.  I should be able to accomplish that - providing I can locate my stretcher bars for my needlepoint kits.  

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!  Wishing you a safe and happy time making new memories with friends and family. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

my November WIPocalypse Update

American Sampler - Sandy Orton
It's time for another WIPocalypse update.  WIPocalypse projects are all of the projects that I have in progress, that I would like to finish before the world ends.

I am attempting to stitch (at least a little bit) on ALL of my WIPs this year.  I began the year with 47 WIPs.  Out of those, I have managed to work on 35 of them - and actually finished 4!  So ... I still have 12 more that need attention.  With only December left to work on my WIPs this year - I don't know if I will be able to meet my goal.  We'll see...

This month I stitched on "American Sampler" by Sandy Orton.  I completed the Queen's stitch on the big pink flower, started work on the pillar and inner border, and filled in more background area with alternating half stitch.

Here is where I left off before:

I stitched a bit more on my "Tiger Lilies and Roses" pillow.  I added the big pink Tiger Lily start to finish:

And finally, I pulled out my felt Advent Calendar, and managed to make 2 more of the little "ornaments" to count down the days.  I wish I had more time - I would like to finish this and use it this year.  But ... I still have 12 ornaments to go - and I am short on free time.  Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Question of the Month – What finishing style have you never tried but would love to do?

I have seen some lovely finished boxes, unusual bicornu, and amazing pincushions that I would love to attempt.  The reason I haven't is mainly a time issue - but perhaps I will make a resolution next year to work in more time for hobbies and to try new things.

Until next time...
Happy Stitching!

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